MCP information regarding RoRo traffic

Day 1 No Deal Preparations for making declarations using the Destin8 Port Community System.

In the event of a Day One No Deal (D1ND) scenario on 29 March 2019, all EU imports will require a Customs declaration into the UK, using the same processes as for ‘Rest of the World’ imports. All import frontier declarations will be required to be submitted via a community system provider (CSP), and onwards to CHIEF.

MCP will provide Import declaration functionality via Destin8 to assist in the facilitation of frictionless traffic flows through our ports.  We are pleased to be able to provide an Import specific badge, which will enable the trade to complete non-inventory linked Customs declarations UK wide.

Developed after close consultation with the UK multimodal industry and HMRC and as the UK’s leading Port Community System provider, we are confident our non-inventory linked Importer badge will deliver against HMRC requirements for Customs declarations (which will include all EU imports, should the UK exit without a deal).

Whether you use 3rd Party software or the Destin8 HCI access to CHIEF, you can subscribe to our new Importers Community, which will assist you in the event of a No Deal EU Exit at Ro-Ro ports such as Dover and the Channel Tunnel.

We would encourage you to consider this at your earliest opportunity, as we anticipate that demand may become extremely high over the coming months.

We have commissioned a dedicated mailbox: in order to expedite your enquiries and applications and look forward to assisting you at your earliest convenience.

MCP plc - 31 January 2019

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