CHIEF program delivery schedule aiming for full migration completion by the middle of 2018

Peter MacSwiney, chairman of leading UK customs clearance solution provider ASM, comments on latest moves towards CHIEF replacement.

The CHIEF replacement program (Customs Declaration Services or CDS) delivery schedule is being redrafted, this means the aim now is for full migration to be completed by the middle of 2018 with the message structure changing from the current EDI data sets to UCC XML data sets.

MacSwiney states: “This will impact software suppliers requiring them to make a number of changes. Current Communications Networks will be changed and a system of APIs will be built, affecting both CSP to CDS messaging plus third-party software to CDS messaging.  HMRC will work collaboratively with software providers on these changes.”

“Technical proving of the Tariff module is on track and delivers the majority of functionality required, which includes working out duty and VAT on shipments. Work on the core declaration system is ongoing and a gap analysis is in progress to determine which additional functionality will be required to meet UK needs. A series of face-to-face meetings between the trade and the CDS Programme Team are scheduled for 6th and 27th April, the latter including more technical content for developers.”

 “After many months of planning and considerable ‘behind the scenes’ activity it is pleasing to arrive at the point where the hard work carried out by the team will start to become visible to the wider freight forwarding community.”

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