NI Protocol

It became apparent some time ago (and agreed by HMRC) that CDS was unlikely to be rolled out, to the extent that CHIEF could be turned off, before the end of 2021. Accordingly, ASM planned our developments to deliver fully functioning, smart CDS functionality, in September 2021.

However, HMRC recently announced that import declarations, required for all goods moving from GB to NI, must be completed on CDS. (CHIEF is still the system that will be used for other EU shipments.)

The trade do not accept that this is achievable for a number of reasons which include:


ASM therefore cannot support or participate in the roll out of CDS for NI for 1.1.21.

We have written to HMRC to officially inform them of this position. We will work with them to agree contingency measures for NI and to publish the available workarounds when they become clear.

One option would be, for goods moving from GB to NI, to:

• support: (t) 01784 240400 (e)
• sales: (t) 01784 242200 (e)