CDS Replacing CHIEF

The new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is being introduced in order to handle declarations under the Union Customs Code. It will replace CHIEF, which has been running for more than 25 years.

This new legislation introduces significant changes to the information required in both import and export customs declarations, particularly concerning the parties involved in the transaction and the valuation of the goods.

Sequoia allows you to store commonly required declaration information in a CRM record; whereby if that party appears as the importer, exporter or declarant, information from the CRM record will be automatically applied to the CDS declaration when you create it.

Whilst CDS is not yet ready to process most declarations, the information that can now be stored against a CRM account will be required once CDS is implemented. Sequoia enables you to store this information that you need to get from your customers and partners.

Some of the declaration information required for CDS is the same as is currently required for CHIEF declarations. Where that is the case and you have already stored it against a CRM record, that information will already be captured in the CDS options for the CRM record.

More details on how to add CDS declaration information to Sequoia in preparation for the introduction of CDS can be found here.

In the meantime, we continue to work on CDS functionality as well as investigating and planning for many other changes required around the end of this year and into next, notably:

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