ASM helps UK businesses prepare for new customs declaration service with Sequoia’s integrated live test platform

Agency Sector Management (ASM) has provided access to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) online training platform for more than two thirds of its user base.

ASM’s Sequoia Customs clearance software, provides users with unlimited test access to CDS in advance of it going live for imports this September.

CDS will replace the current system, Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF), for Imports, from 30th September 2022, and for export declarations from 31st March 2023.

“It is essential UK freight industry workers are able to understand and readily use CDS and this live test environment is the perfect way to train users, as well as examine bottlenecks and receive feedback for future development,” said Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, ASM.

“It is great to have provided access to the live test environment for more than 300 businesses, but there are far more businesses out there that have not taken any steps to transition from CHIEF to CDS.

“We cannot stress enough just how important it is for UK businesses to get trained and prepared for the end of CHIEF and the full-time use of CDS.

“Those who do not prepare for the change will be left behind and face issues surrounding non-compliance with UK customs rules, meaning they will face higher costs and more delays.”

ASM is currently assisting more than 500 businesses that use Sequoia to be CDS-ready before the deadline.

Sequoia connects to all port community systems. The software is routinely updated, and the latest version, 5.7, is now available for users to download.

ASM is a not-for-profit freight software supplier that is owned by its users and provides impartial representation for freight forwarders to all levels of government and trade bodies.


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