ASM works with TR Logistics Group to help it win first Northern Ireland company to migrate to CDS status


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Shauneen McConville, Director, TR Logistics Group, Director, explains the challenges and pressures presented by the switch from CHIEF to CDS


Was the migration from CHIEF to CDS difficult?


“Given the inadequate timeframe and the limited resources to hand surrounding the implementation of CDS.


“The migration from CHIEF to CDS, was to say nothing short of challenging.

However, a challenge presents two options, to address head on or have numerous conversations as to how this cannot be implemented within the timeframe given. 


“We chose the former. 


“TR Logistics Group, with the full support of our Board of Directors, pulled on all relevant departments to work as one in order to achieve implementation within the timeframe given.


“From finance, IT, sales, Operations and Customs this was a complete team effort. 


“CDS implementation permeates through every aspect of our company and all departments needed to be involved from the beginning to understand what was required and importantly and critical, to support our clients through this transition also.


“The duty of care was realised from the beginning this was not a journey alone for TR Logistics we needed to support our clients with transition, this was paramount.


“The differences between the two software platforms are as numerous as the data elements required to process a customs declaration in CDS.


“Along with the transition in-house and communications with our Team we also focussed on addressing the changes required to our clients not only from a clearance instruction perspective but also on all the areas they needed to focus on in house within their own companies.”



How did the ASM team/ Sequoia support TR Logistics throughout the CHIEF/CDS migration process?


“The ASM/Sequoia Team deserve a medal and more.


“Sharon, Simon, Alan, and the ASM team stepped up to, and beyond, the mark. Literally taking us by the hand and walking through this process.


“Without their commitment to addressing this challenge head-on TR Logistics would not have been the 1st in Northern Ireland compliant with CDS implementation in the timeframe dictated by HMRC.”


Have you encountered/ can you see any practical advantages of CDS over CHIEF for TR Logistics as yet?


“From time of implementation to date, we are learning everyday along with HMRC.


“CDS is still very much in its infancy and it’s a learning curve, and a steep one at times for all concerned – the HMRC, software providers and the customs broker.

We’re embracing the journey!


“Good Luck GB, November 2022 is not far away, and preparation is key to success.”


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