Sequoia Functionality Updates in 2021

News on the latest developments for Sequoia's functionality in 2021

The arrival of Brexit and the coming of Customs Declaration Service (CDS) means significant change. New legislation brings in new processes and ASM’s commitment to business continuity drives the ongoing development of Sequoia to ensure users are always able to service their customers.


The developments needed for Brexit generated multiple new Sequoia releases in the lead up to January 1st and ongoing process refinement continues.


Despite the lack of clarity on CDS timescales from the authorities, our plan is to roll out a CDS solution for January 1st, 2022. Sequoia will support both Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) and CDS declarations simultaneously whilst the two HMRC systems run in parallel.


To implement this, our team need to plan, develop, test, roll-out, and support what is effectively an entirely new version of the software, whilst at the same time maintaining and supporting the existing Sequoia CHIEF functionality.


In addition, the entire forwarding community must familiarise themselves with the complex changes to declaration requirements for CDS.


The only viable way of doing this is with a rolling programme of software updates that include process changes to meet new compliance requirements post-Brexit, functionality enhancements to both existing processes and new ones, and many of the building blocks for CDS.


The recent updates have contained a wide breadth of new features and you can find details of all the changes and how to upgrade at  The Sequoia Resource Centre.


Remember, CDS is a huge change. ASM will keep you informed, and you can maintain business continuity.


Sequoia Software Releases In 2021

§  The first two Sequoia releases of 2021 – one in January and one in early February – dealt primarily with issues with the HMRC New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) XML channel, which came to light because of the increase in the use of Transit post-Brexit.

§  A second February release contained changes for Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA) procedures plus the needs of road haulage operators, specifically for transit and non-inventory linked declarations at RoRo locations.

§  March’s first release was all about Customs Warehousing as the growth in its use for goods coming in from Europe gained traction; and the second brought advances to PVA and VAT in the Worksheets module as more users look to deal with their increased volumes through automation.

§  April’s developments were volume and VAT related – Enhancements for those automatically creating declarations via the data interface and Worksheets modules; as well as PVA modifications for those who auto generate invoices from the Sequoia Job Costing module.

§  May and June’s developments include enhanced road shipment searches, adding an external reference to ETSF consignments in preparation for the CCS-UK Advance Information Service (AIS) and a new tool allowing the upload of customer data into Sequoia.

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