Cessation of the printed tariff (CIP12/2019)

Find out about the end of production of the printed paper Integrated Customs Tariff in December 2019.


HMRC produces the printed paper tariff with monthly amendments, however digital is becoming the primary channel for providing information in all areas of HMRC work.

Use of digital information gives HMRC greater flexibility and speed in responding to changing circumstances. It allows users access to up to date information quickly, easily and for free. We are therefore giving notice of our intention to stop publication of the printed tariff in December 2019 when our contract with Williams Lea Tag, our publishers, comes to an end.

The printed tariff is a valued source of information for business subscribers. However, the information is always running at least 30 days in arrears due to the publication timetable lag. This means that at the point of publication, some information may be out of date and online and printed tariff information may not be consistent.

The online Trade Tariff tool is updated daily and allows users to look up:

  • commodity codes
  • tariff measures
  • duty and VAT rates

Trade Tariffs volume 1 and volume 3 (both the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight Tariff and Customs Declaration Service versions) are now available to view on GOV.UK.

By making digital the primary channel, HMRC will be more consistent and responsive in the way we provide tariff information.

CSV electronic tariff file will still be available and issued by HMRC for free. If you want to receive this file, send an email to the address below and you will be added to the mailing list.


For further information contact:

Tariff Management Team 
10th Floor South East 
Alexander House 
Southend on Sea 
SS99 1AA 

Email: tariff.management@hmrc.gov.uk.

Published 4 July 2019

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