Changes to Authorised Economic Operator applications (CIP 6/2020)

Applications must be submitted using the EU Customs Trader Portal from the 1 June 2020.

If you’re submitting an application for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status from 1 June 2020, you must submit them through the EU Customs Trader Portal.

This will not change the way HMRC checks your application or visits your business before we approve your application.

You’ll need to ask HMRC for access to the portal (which can take up to 5 days). The information for the current C117 will be completed online and a completed C118 (Self Assessment questionnaire) attached to the application.

We will update our guidance with the process you need to follow.

Find learning modules about using the EU Customs Trader Portal on the Europa website.

If you’re planning to submit your application by 31 May 2020, you can continue to use the existing C117 and C118 (G-Forms).


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Published 18 May 2020

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