CHIEF error - E565 Commodity does not exist

We are receiving enquiries about commodity codes, whereby they appear to be valid in the Sequoia tariff and the on-line tariff on but, on submission to CHIEF, are rejected with the following error:


E565 Commodity does not exist.


We have investigated many instances of this and have found the following.


When commodity codes are deleted or replaced, HMRC have to update multiple systems. CHIEF is normally updated very quickly. However, the online trade tariff on appears to be taking much longer to be updated.

This issue has been compounded as HMRC have stopped producing the data that populates the tariff in Sequoia. The last issue of that data was on 16 December 2020 and does not include any deletions and replacements since that date. Incidently it also does not include most or all of the trade preferences for EU goods.


Therefore, the commodity code you are declaraing looks to be valid and the first evidence of anything being wrong is a rejection by CHIEF of your declaration with the above error.


Updated commodity information is published by HMRC in ‘Stop Press’ notices.

You can download and view Stop Press 0321 here.

You can request to be added to the list to receive these by emailing


There is also a correlation table detailing the normal round of changes between the 2020 and 2021 tariffs. It appears that not all of these changes have been made to the online tariff.

You can download and view this 2020-2021 commodity correlation table here.

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