CCS-UK Automated Fallback

Sequoia supports automated electronic fallback for both air imports and air exports in the event of the unavailability of CHIEF.

The existing manual procedures when CHIEF is unavailable require a lot of manual intervention. The recovery after the fallback period also requires manual reconciliation to ensure that all declarations have been completed.

This complexity has historically proved to be impractical, resulting in a reluctance by HMRC to invoke fallback in the event of service interruption and long delays and disruption to trade.

For this reason CCS-UK has developed an electronic fallback system for the air community which will allow fallback to be more easily invoked, easily operated and to make recovery after fallback a simple and auditable procedure. More importantly it will allow air cargo to continue to be exported and imported with little or no change to existing procedures.

The electronic fallback system has been designed to operate for air imports and air exports independently or both together, depending on the circumstances of any service interruption.

Sequoia provides functionality to allow you to function in the air environment during a period of fallback. 

Visit the Sequoia Resource Centre for details of how the electronic fallback process works with Sequoia.




The CCS-UK User Group have also published guidelines which you can download below:

CCS-UK Automated Export Fallback Guidelines v5.0

CCS-UK Automated Import Fallback Guidelines v5.0

CCS-UK Import  Export fallback header sheets 3.0 (spreadsheet to download)

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