The new Customs Declaration Service (CDS)

The new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is being introduced in order to handle declarations under the Union Customs Code. It will replace CHIEF, which has been running for more than 25 years.

This page will keep you up to date with the HMRC development and rollout of the new system as well as our progress towards CDS.

CDS Exports Migration Update – 4th March 2024
1 Mar 2024
Important changes to CHIEF HCI
25 Jan 2024
CDS Exports - Discussing the final migration from CHIEF
12 Dec 2023
CDS Release 4.3
22 Nov 2023
Consolidated CDS Workaround Document
30 Oct 2023
CDS Exports Migration Update - August 2023
19 Oct 2023
Re-authorising Sequoia to interact with HMRC on your behalf
19 Oct 2023
A new way to report issues with making a declaration to CDS
21 Mar 2023
The deadline for exporters to move to CDS is changing
15 Dec 2022
Accessing the CDS Test environment in Sequoia
2 Mar 2022