As a freight forwarder you probably spend an awful lot of time not actually moving boxes!

Everybody seems to want information about your shipments; customs, airlines, shipping lines, not to mention your customers!

Sequoia provides outstanding productivity features aimed at reducing the time it takes to complete customs declarations and other import and export formalities and to produce those vital reports.

Data is entered once and is then automatically shared across the system. It can also easily be uploaded from your in-house system to reduce errors and eliminate double keying.

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Commonly used declarations can be stored in templates and re-used time and again for improved accuracy and efficiency, maximising productivity and driving down operational costs.

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The “Outlook” inspired design of Sequoia provides advanced search, sort, preview, report and filter capabilities, minimises wasted keyboard time and provides for the best possible workflow.

The fresh and modern user interface of Sequoia incorporates many additional productivity features including barcode scanning, context sensitive menus for quick access to functions, drag and drop grouping of data, exception management through personalised data views and instant data export to html, pdf, rtf, txt and xls formats.

These features all contribute to making Sequoia the fastest, most efficient and cost effective customs clearance solution available.

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