Forwarders increasingly spend more time moving data than moving shipments.

The demand for data continues to grow relentlessly, from the advance consignment information required by more and more countries, to your customers’ requests for report after report.

Unfortunately the information you need is not always all in one system - or the right system - and you spend more and more time and valuable resources re-keying data from one to another and back again, with the inevitable risk of errors that introduces.

We are seeing an increasing demand from our customers, large and small, to integrate their in-house systems (and even those of their customers) with Sequoia and we are getting extremely positive feedback from a growing number making use of the almost limitless possibilities to share data, add value to their services, drive up productivity and drive down costs.

Read more about the integration possibilities of Sequoia here

This integration is being viewed as a major cost saving and a way of gaining a significant competitive edge.

Sequoia already has an extensive range of flexible interfacing options available and we are adding to these all the time in response to customer requirements.

Sequoia also already integrates seamlessly with the following freight management systems:

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