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We typically publish Customs Information Papers (CIPs) up to 30 days before they appear on the HMRC website. We are also in constant contact with customs and CSPs (Community Systems Providers) so we get advanced notification of any planned systems downtime and up to date information about any unplanned disruptions which we monitor closely on your behalf.

Customs examination powers (CIP7/2018)
15 May 2018
Changes to form C1331 used to declare a pleasure craft (CIP8/2018)
15 May 2018
Power to use force to search a vehicle or vessel (CIP6/2018)
4 May 2018
Valuation procedures under the Union Custom Code - earlier sales (CIP5/2018)
1 May 2018
Time limits for repayment or remission of customs duties claims (CIP3/2018)
14 Mar 2018
EU ban on the import and placing on the market of seal products (CIP1/2018)
13 Mar 2018
FPOs reclaiming import VAT on returned goods (CIP2/2018)
26 Feb 2018
End-Use procedure (CIP4/2018)
1 Feb 2018
Getting ready for the Customs Declaration Service
31 Jan 2018
End Use procedure changes (CIP33)
12 Jan 2018

An archive of CIPs can be found on the website.

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