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Diane Irving, Operations Director, Casper Logistics talks about her company’s recent migration to Sequoia, its advantages and the benefits of working with ASM

“As an independent freight forwarder Casper Logistics regards customer service as paramount. That applies to the service we offer our customers and the service we expect from suppliers, which is how we build long-term relationships. Our association with ASM goes back seven years, starting with GeMS and migrating to Sequoia at the end of 2015, and in those years their products and service has been faultless.”

ASM’s industry knowledge is considerable, whatever the issue there’s always someone ready to help. And that’s not just regarding software, they understand the freight industry, the way it works, the issues facing freight forwarders and the problems forwarders are liable to encounter. That in itself makes a huge difference because when you talk to ASM you know you’re dealing with people who have industry-specific knowledge and experience.”  

“We first talked with ASM about Sequoia two years ago but despite the obvious advantages, at the time we weren’t ready to make a move. However, at end of last year when we were in the process of migrating everything into the cloud, the timing was right and we decided to make the switch. A key driver behind the move was Sequoia’s ability to ‘speak’ to our Boxtop freight forwarding system. Sometimes you find that so-called connectivity doesn’t work as well as it might, with Sequoia there are simply no problems, we put information into Boxtop, it transfers seamlessly to Sequoia. That level of connectivity is not easy to come by.”

“From experience, migrations don’t always work as expected, but there were no problems with Sequoia. ASM and Boxtop made sure everything was in place and tested prior to ‘go-live’, so that when the time came to switch over we literally switched one system off and switched the other one on, and everything worked first time.”

“With Sequoia everything you need is accessible at the front-end right where you need it, which means there’s no need to go searching for solutions. Sequoia is truly intuitive and easy to use. For example, I only use Sequoia when someone is sick or on holiday, which happened last week, and despite the fact that I hadn’t worked with Sequoia since October last year, using it was simple.”

“Another plus point with Sequoia is its ability to highlight potential errors by showing a warning at the top corner of the screen. Before you even try to press ‘send’ to transmit an entry to HMRC the system shows you any errors in plain easy-to-understand English. In effect, Sequoia doesn’t let you make mistakes, it almost asks ‘What are you doing?’”

“The advantages we get from Sequoia translate into benefits for our customers. The entry process is quicker and easier, we enter information once, which means we process jobs faster and that results in improved customer service, which as I said previously, is vital for us.”

“As well as understanding the freight industry and freight forwarding software, ASM also know the intricacies and workings of HMRC. Whenever I’ve contacted ASM with a Customs query they are more than willing to share their knowledge and help us out.”

ASM’s reputation for service and support is totally deserved, they are always there with support that is second to none. They deal with any issues we have and they deal with them quickly. Importantly, that includes IT Support, Help Desk and Sales Support. ASM never adopt an attitude of ‘sell it and forget it’, the entire company is geared towards ensuring their customers are happy, with no problem too big or too small. For instance, we contacted their Help Desk with an issue only this morning, we simply couldn’t find an entry box. To be honest, we knew the solution would be staring us in the face but ASM were happy to help and immediately told us where to find it and everything was solved.”

“I see a true affinity between our two companies in the way we focus on people and deliver customer service. Camair built its reputation on service, customer communication and supporting our customers, as much as moving freight from A to B.  ASM operate in the same way, with detailed software knowledge, a clear understanding of the freight industry and a service geared towards solving problems and helping customers.” 

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