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Ziegler UK Limited, is an established international provider of multimodal transport by air, sea and road. Paul Nash, UK Airfreight General Manager explains his experiences with ASM and considers the importance of Sequoia to his business operation.

Paul Nash, UK Airfreight General Manager, Ziegler UK Limited

Quite simply, Sequoia is integral to our business and delivers exactly as promised.”

“The relationship between Ziegler UK and ASM goes back three years, because we’re still a relatively young company, however my relationship with ASM goes back some 15 years. Working together for that time builds a high level of trust in the company, its people and products.”

“When Zeigler UK set up its Heathrow airfreight office we needed effective customs clearance software to deliver the service our clients expect. Based on previous experience, I asked ASM to come and see me. We used GeMS initially in our Heathrow airfreight office and continued with it as we opened other offices, including seafreight offices in Felixstowe. Eventually, we experienced licensing issues with GeMS – not enough licences for the number of users - so I spoke to Rob Grayson at ASM and he said: “Before you start worrying about new licences for GeMS why not come and see Sequoia?”

“Following discussions with my team, seven of us visited ASM’s offices in Ashford to see a demonstration of Sequoia, and I have to say, from the outset the advantages over GeMS were clear and obvious. To ensure due diligence and to compare offerings, we also looked at competing customs software solutions - some good, some bad. However, given the comfort factor of working with people you know, and the advantages offered by Sequoia, the decision was an easy one to make.

I’m pleased to say that it’s been a good choice for us.” 

Sequoia is intuitive, easy to use and fast. Our people don’t have to work across multiple screens, everything they need is there on the desktop. Sequoia enables us to pre-build jobs, which saves time and makes life easier - time and productivity are valuable commodities, the last thing we want is people spending all day on a customs entry.”

“As well as its operational advantages, it’s easy to train people to use Sequoia. We’re a fast growing company, so as new people join us it’s important they come up to speed as soon as possible. Since we opened, we’ve grown from 14 people across four offices at the beginning of 2009 to almost 100 people working in nine offices.”

“Our customers want their goods without delay, and rising costs make airfreight a premium service, so flawless support is paramount. If I tell a customer we have problems handling their customs clearance we would simply lose that customer. ASM’s support people are experienced, know the freight business, totally understand their software and clearly care about their customers. It’s no exaggeration to say that support-wise ASM is second to none, solving 99.9% of issues immediately, which is exactly the support service you need.”

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