ASM announces capped fee increase and request for new members

ASM has capped its fee increase at 6% this year to help minimise the impact of price rises on users, whilst at the same time ensuring they have sufficient funds to achieve their goals.

ASM’s annual charges normally increase in accordance with Retail Price Index Figures, which are currently at 12.3%.

In common with most businesses, especially in the technology sector, ASM has experienced rapidly rising costs across all areas.

ASM has recruited, with some success, a significant number of additional staff to cope with the increased demands of their users caused by the effect of Brexit and the requirements of additional software development necessitated by changing Government systems such as Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

These changes will continue for at least two years and require further recruitment of people with additional technical skill sets, to ensure they make use of new and more efficient technologies to improve the efficiency of Sequoia.

Join ASM as a member

ASM is “owned” by the freight forwarding industry through the medium of 50 Members, who are effectively its “shareholders”.

Due to the number of mergers which have taken place recently ASM has some vacancies, so they are looking for new representatives to take them back to their original figure of 50.

Becoming a member gets you admission to the ASM Annual General Meeting and means you qualify to stand for the post of ASM Director, should a seat on the Board become available. It’s your chance to make your mark on ASM and the work it does for the industry.

If your company uses ASM Software and you or a colleague are interested in membership, please contact Sharon Greer (General Manager) .

ASM looks forward to hearing from you.