ASM has launched a new Service Availability page to keep clients informed with real-time customs disruption issues

ASM has launched a Service Availability page to keep customers informed in real-time of any Customs’ service disruption or consequent ASM-related issue.

The service gives additional back up to users, with information on issues affecting CCS-UK, CDS Test Service (TDR), both CHIEF and CDS Live services, CHIEF test (HMUT), CNS Compass, EDCS, MCP Destin8, NCTS/CTC, and Pentant.

The last few months have proved increasingly challenging to the freight community as it adapts to the new CDS processes and the ramifications of Brexit.

The ASM service desk is receiving an unprecedented level of queries, most of which do not involve our Sequoia software, but with CDS system compliance.

ASM remains committed to re-opening their telephone call centre as soon as it is viable to do so.

ASM hopes the new Service Availability page will prove a useful resource to users experiencing difficulties so that they can better understand the source of their challenge.

Nearly 500 ASM customers are already live on CDS and more than 11,000 CDS declarations are currently being processed a day.

“Brexit and all its consequences, COVID, changes to transit and the implementation of CDS are all continuing to create unprecedented levels of disruption for our industry, “ said Simon Adams, Chairman, Program Manager, ASM.

“Each event brings changes, planned and unplanned, that generate a cumulative impact that is surprising even the most experienced in our community.”

“ASM has not been immune to the challenges of these events. The demand on our critical resources – both development and support – has reached unparalleled levels and continues to grow.”

The servicedesk team remain committed to supporting the community and have seen the number of requests for assistance jump to previously unimagined levels as the migration to CDS continues.

Each request for help is being answered, but again, perhaps not always quite as quickly as ASM would like, and the crisis is certainly being aggravated by the chronic shortage of industry experienced staff.

ASM appreciates your continued understanding and hope that their new Service Availability provides additional support.

To access the Service Availability page, please click here.