Accessing the CDS Test environment in Sequoia

We are beginning the process of giving users access to the CDS Trader Dress Rehearsal (TDR) test environment in Sequoia.




As you are no doubt aware, the ability to make import declarations to CHIEF will end on 30 September 2022. CDS (the Customs Declaration Service) is replacing CHIEF, introducing significant changes to the information required to be declared. 

In order to make this transition as painless as possible, we have included access to the CDS test service in Sequoia, allowing you to train users and practise making these new declarations. 

To access this valuable training tool, you first need to ‘subscribe’ to the Trader Dress Rehearsal (TDR) test service. 

The customs TDR service is essentially a copy of the CDS live environment, which includes real authorisations, EORI numbers and more, to allow testing of real-world scenarios and declarations which can then be copied to live ones or saved as templates for later use. 

Accessing this test environment and learning about the requirements of CDS in this way will provide invaluable experience in what will undoubtedly be a challenging time ahead. 


What you need to do 


We will soon be inviting customers to unlock the TDR functionality in Sequoia. We will only send out invitations (via email) once you have upgraded Sequoia to version 5 or later.  

To check what version of Sequoia you are currently running <click here>. 

For instructions on how to upgrade Sequoia <click here>. 


The process of accessing TDR involves creating an ASM user account which is required in order to link your Sequoia installation with ASM’s messaging service. 

Once you have created your account you must then register through the government gateway to authorise Sequoia to interact with HMRC on your behalf. At this stage you do not need your own government gateway credentials to access TDR; test credentials will be provided. 

Comprehensive instructions will be included in the email that we send to you.