Re-authorising Sequoia to interact with HMRC on your behalf

With the introduction of CDS for imports last year, you were required to authorise Sequoia to interact with HMRC on your behalf, as part of the migration process.

An authorisation is only valid for eighteen months and therefore could be nearing its expiry.  

If this authority is about to expire, you will receive emails from us, asking you to take action again. The emails will have information as follows:

Subject:           Authority for ASM Sequoia to interact with HMRC on your behalf


It is very important that you follow the instructions in these emails.


If you let your authorisation expire it will mean that Sequoia will no longer be able to transmit CDS declarations on your behalf. It also means that, once exports begin to migrate to CDS, you will not be able to associate DUCRs to MUCRs or close MUCRs. That is a critical part of the inventory-linked export process. MUCRs are used in all air and many maritime exports.

We will send an email a month before the expiry date and several reminders nearer the date if our records show that you haven’t completed the reauthorisation process. Please act as soon as you receive one of these emails.

If you have received one of these emails but have not yet taken action, you can click here for simple, step by step instructions on the Sequoia Resource Centre on how to re-authorise.

Note that you don't have to wait until your authorisation has nearly expired to re-authorise. You can do  this at any time by following the above instructions.