Important changes to CHIEF HCI

You should have already been notified by HMRC that they are making changes to CHIEF HCI on 29th January 2024 to prevent certain transactions. This is in preparation for the migration of inventory linked exports onto CDS. 

The transactions are: 

  • AEAC – association/disassociation of DUCRs to/from a MUCR 

  • ACST – closing a MUCR 

From this date, you will no longer be able to perform these functions using HCI. All other functions (e.g. DCON, LMOV) will still be available. 

However, in the normal operation of Sequoia, you would have no need to use HCI for these functions. When you finalise an export shipment or consolidation in Sequoia, messages to associate all of the DUCRs to the MUCR and to close the MUCR are automatically sent for you in the background. Use of HCI for these functions is therefore only on an ad-hoc basis. 

In order to provide an alternative for these transactions, we have made changes to our ASM Online Services portal to include the equivalent functionality.  

This allows you to: 

  • associate a DUCR (both CHIEF and CDS) to a MUCR 

  • disassociate a DUCR (both CHIEF and CDS) from a MUCR 

  • close a MUCR (both CHIEF and CDS) 

You will also be able to query a UCR (DUCR or MUCR) to see its status as well as any parent MUCR and any child UCRs.The response will only display the CDS view of the UCR. For a CHIEF view, you will need to continue to use HCI transactions DCON or LMOV. 

The ASM Online Services portal also now allows you to invite other users to access your account to perform the above functions. 

You can see details of how this new functionality in your ASM Online Services account works by clicking here. 

To access your ASM Online Services account, click here.