Consolidated CDS Workaround Document

HMRC has developed a Consolidated CDS Workaround Document, the latest iteration of which you can find attached.

This document aims to provide a consolidated list of all known workarounds applicable to CDS, including entries from the CDS Known Error Log which currently have workarounds. Where possible, estimated resolution dates have also been included, in order that the user knows how long each workaround will be applicable. 

This edition contains notice of minor business rule changes delivered as part of CDS 4.2.0. To isolate these items, navigate to the ‘Known Differences – Resolved’ tab. There are also items due to be delivered later in 2023, navigate to the ‘Known Differences – Workarounds’ tab. Going forward, this and subsequent Documents will also contain ‘CR Workaround’ tab listing priority Change Request items for Developers.

Please note, the Consolidated Workaround Document is not exhaustive. Whilst this document was previously updated following each CDS production release, it will now be updated on a monthly basis, in order to capture updates and additional workarounds which may come to light. Designed to support Declarants in making successful submissions, the entries listed should not pose a barrier to migration. 

Issued by HMRC
26 October 2023

/media/96372/post-420-2023-consolidated-workaround-document-developer.xlsx See Attached Document