cfsp management

Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) can provide faster and more reliable release at the frontier with a supplementary declaration completed later.

But monitoring and tracking your CFSP declarations can be a time consuming business in itself.

Luckily Sequoia does all the hard work for you. Not only are supplementary declarations auto-completed with the necessary data from the frontier declaration but Sequoia keeps track of which ones you've done and, equally as importantly, which ones you haven't.

Failure to submit these in the required timescales can lead to major compliance issues that could threaten your CFSP authorisation!

And when it comes to month end, a single click and the counts of declarations due and accepted are calculated automatically and the results and any outstanding issues or missing declarations displayed.

Once you're satisfied that everything is as it should be, another click and the final supplementary declaration (FSD) is completed for you with all the necessary information. All you do then is send it to customs.

The Sequoia CFSP management service monitors any number of authorised traders simultaneously, whether or not you complete the original frontier declaration yourself.

Read more about the enhanced CFSP management capabilities of Sequoia here

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