job costing & invoicing

Sequoia provides seamless, easy to use, sophisticated functionality to help you record costs and sales, generate invoices and credit notes, manage supplier purchase invoices, transfer data to your accounting system and produce accurate, real-time profit and loss reports.

From keying in expected costs and sales to producing professional, customised sales invoices in Sequoia takes just a few seconds.

A whole host of productivity tools that store default values and automatically complete information as you type make the whole process easy and save you time.

You can customise your sales invoices with logos and other information and producing them is a simple process. You can print them immediately or store them in the Sequoia document management system from where you can email or re-print them at any time.

Costs and sales for customs duty and VAT are automatically recorded when a declaration is accepted to make sure you don’t miss anything, even if the declaration is amended.

Reconciling invoices from your suppliers is easy as well, so you don’t pay them the wrong amount by mistake!

And once you’ve invoiced everything and passed all those purchase invoices, transferring the data to your accounting system is just a few mouse clicks away and can be done as often as you wish.

If you would like to know more about Job Costing in Sequoia and how it can benefit your business, contact us by phone or email as shown below and we will be happy to show you the software in detail.

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