customs warehousing

Sequoia customs warehousing provides a fully automated, fully integrated, real time duty management system for multi-authorisation, multi-site customs warehousing operations of all sizes.

You can upload commercial invoice/stock data from virtually any source into sequoia worksheets and use that data to  automatically generate the frontier (or SDI) declaration. That data then also updates warehouse stock automatically on acceptance by customs, even when the into-warehouse declaration is lodged by someone else.

Full integration with the sequoia enhanced CFSP management module provides automated monitoring and counts across multiple CFSP authorisations and auto-generation of FSD declarations. 

A highly configurable interface combined with incredibly powerful advanced searches, sorting, grouping, filtering and reporting combine to give you exactly the information you want,  in the format you want it. 

Removing stock is as simple as just entering the quantity being removed; default data can be configured against customer records and out of warehouse declarations are then generated automatically at a time that suits you.

Sequoia Customs Warehousing also provides comprehensive stock audit reporting.

Duty liability reports are calculated and generated in real time and are fully integrated with the sequoia customs tariff to ensure the most accurate, up to date information available. 

All reports can be exported to a spreadsheet if required for further analysis.

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