Sequoia worksheets effortlessly upload commercial invoice data from any readable source automatically.

All you have to do then is fill in any missing information and press a button.

Sequoia will even sort the data into the right number of declaration items and complete these for you automatically. No re-keying. No mistakes.

And when your customer needs that all important report detailing the results, that’s just the click of a mouse away too.

Read more details on the power of Sequoia worksheets here

Sequoia produces a comprehensive spreadsheet that ties the data that you used to start the process together with detailed information about the customs declaration(s) that consumed it, including the all-important amount of duty and VAT paid on every single item.

Worksheets are just one of an almost limitless range of Integration possibilities available with Sequoia that can massively improve your productivity, your compliance and of course your profitability.

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